Wardens of the Fantastical Menagerie

Black Crows

The Bandits of the Pass

Returning to The Prince with good news, The Black Crows are sent to escort a convoy of caravans. The caravans must take a shipment of various organic materials to the docklands for shipping all over the world, but in order to do so they must pass through a particularly perilous stretch of mountains. The pass is known for its bandit presence, and Prospero is eager for the goods to arrive at the ships intact.

After meeting the leader of the caravan who warns them against the use of fire or lightning, The Black Crows each take a caravan to guard on the trail. The caravans hit the pass and are surprised by the lack of bandits, only to be stopped by a wall of semi-organic material mixed with metal, stone and wood. The Black Crows manage to remove the barricade and the convoy continues, only to be stopped by three giant gastropods. These creatures appear to be the source of the walls, their acid bonding materials together and melting flesh and stone alike into a mish-mash slurry. The Black Crows attack, but due to their heavy use of fire the caravans continue without them. Once the snails are defeated, The Crows see the caravans leave the pass safely and return, on foot, to The Garden.



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