Wardens of the Fantastical Menagerie

White Hounds


Tracking the missing creature through The Great Wood, The White Hounds come across signs of Woodelf territories. Ignoring the threat this may pose, The Wardens continue deeper into the woods.

The tracks vanish into a man-made cavern, later revealed to be a lost dungeon from the old days. Inside the tracks vanish, but the presence of strange, pale spiderlings and the howling of a beast within the deeper caverns suggest The White Hounds still have a job to do.

After rescuing a web-bound woodelf, possibly caught by the spiderlings whilst tracking the same creature as The Wardens, the White Hounds learn of ‘Nomballa’, a creature in the next room. In the next chamber they meet the hinted to creature – a gigantic spiderling linked via psionics to every other spiderling in the dungeon.

Accidentally disturbing the dormant minions around them, The Wardens are soon overrun with spiderlings. After taking severe damage, Nomballa retreats and summons a web golem, which The Wardens also defeat (an act which kills the remaining spiderlings). Overrun with psionic energy Nomballa is easily dispatched and left unconscious for Stewards to return to The Garden. Whilst there is some argument over the Code of Nomballa, she is taken to The Garden for testing.

The Prince congratulates the Wardens on their hard work, and insists they rest up for the following day.



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