Prince Prospero

Prince Prospero of Montabon



The youngest member of the currently adult generation of the Royal Family. Prince Prospero’s kingdom is the western continent of Montabon. He received the kingdom on his rise to addolescence and has sunk vast amounts of time and money into maintaining The Garden.

An extremely obese and spoiled individual, Prospero has recently been spending more and more time clad in his royal regalia – a gigantic golden suit of armor that obstructs all view of his body. It is possible to hear the metal groaning with the effort of containing his vast form.

The Prince’s interactions with The Wardens at his command varies, sliding back and forth between barking orders and casual acts of violence, to extreme love and dedication. As those who protect his most prized asset, Prospero seems to view The Wardens as extension of The Garden itself, and thus he is almost always happy to see them.


Prince Prospero

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